R-City Hub
Applications / Municipalities
As a support tool for Municipalities in formulating guiding principles for responsible smart cities projects, and in reflecting on the roles of the local government and other stakeholders.
Main R-CityHub sections:
> Community: local engagement via sharing meanings, practices, futures
> Knowledge sharing: strategic collaboration between communities via sharing information about projects
> Tooling: tools to support local engagement and strategic collaboration
Examples of using the existing tools:
> Within the Municipality: to explore opportunities for using certain technology vs strictly following the legislation
> External, to involve different stakeholders at the begining of a smart city project
Exercise 1: Technological impact and smart city archetypes
Exercise 4: Imagine
What would the roles of technology and data be in this project?
Exercise 3: Smart city type based on worldviews and preferences
Exercise 2: Meanings
What does 'responsible' mean for you when you think about technology, data and the city in the context of this project?
Here you find examples of how the R-City Hub tools could be combined for specific smart city projects.
Exercise 5: Experiencing and mapping technology in the urban environment
Individual awareness & collective mapping
Existing & potential urban technology